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10 Keys to Weight Loss


Key 1: Decide YOU want to Lose Weight

There is no magic bullet to losing weight. It is simply a matter of deciding to do it, understanding the mechanism behind weight loss, choosing which plan works best for you and following through with that plan.


Key 2:   Reduce Cortisol

Cortisol is the hormone that is most dreaded. High cortisol is a manifestation of stress and non-wellbeing. High cortisol causes high insulin, which in turn causes low thyroid function. Chronic cortisol results in early death.


Key 3: Moderate the Insulin

Insulin is also known as the death hormone. High insulin levels are as a result of high cortisol. High insulin causes pre-diabetes and is the major factor for world obesity. Insulin must be controlled, as high insulin causes extreme hunger and fat to be deposited in the fat cells, and locks it there to stay. The treatment for weight loss is based upon a very low insulin level. If your insulin is high it triggers hunger, which in turn triggers stress, and stress triggers cortisol.


Key 4: Reduce the Estrogen

High estrogen causes increasing waist in the hips, thighs and butt. Estrogen is as a result of high cortisol, and subsequently low thyroid, and subsequently low metabolism. The estrogen acts as toxin and poison to the body to reactivate cortisol once again. High estrogen levels activate cortisol, which in turn decreases thyroid function, which makes you again fatter because you have low metabolism.


Key 5: Treat Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism with Prescription Medications and Herbs

Most people have low metabolism and low thyroid function. The best for this is to take your temperature with an oral thermometer every morning. Normal temperature should be 98.6° or above. Anything lower than 98.6° means that you are not working on all of your cylinders, i.e., you have low metabolism. Please get a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test, and a T3, and possibly at T4, blood test from your doctor to confirm the above.


Key 6: Support the Adrenal Glands Using Herbs, Adrenal Extracts, and Vitamins, Especially Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C

These are used up voraciously in the adrenal glands, trying to keep all of your body functions alive. A super- low blood pressure may mean you have adrenal fatigue, causing exhaustion, fatigue, lack of memory, etc.


Key 7: Eat Healthy and Eat in Moderation

You must have high greens and vegetables. You must have protein in the form of beans and complex carbohydrates. Try to avoid wheat and fruit juice, as they spike insulin to make you fat & hungry.


Key 8: Exercise

Exercise is essential for weight loss, as muscle tone and muscles burn the fat while at rest. You can only achieve weight loss with sustained exercise in moderation. If you exercise too aggressively, you will incite inflammatory cells, which will in turn activate cortisol, the stress hormone.


Key 9: Minimize the Inflammation

Inflammation causes all of the body to activate cortisol. High inflammation is the reason people develop Alzheimer’s disease, as inflammation in the body also manifest in burning out the brain cells. You want the body to be very relaxed, even though life is stressful. The key product for inflammation reduction is healthy fats and oils, or Boswellia herb.


Key 10: Sleep

You must have adequate sleep to allow the adrenal glands and body to restore itself. Lack of sleep causes high cortisol, which causes weight gain. Sleep is essentially important to lose and sustain weight loss.


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