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*Required prior to receiving any Standard Process brand product.


  • Step 1: Submit your order
  • Step 2: You will receive access to your online survey by e-mail
  • Step 3: Complete the survey
  • Step 4: Once submitted you will receive your results, including detailed supplement recommendation, by email within 2  business days.

Product Info:

The Symptom Survey is the result of the collaboration of two nutritional pioneers of the 20th century – Melvin Page DDS and Royal Lee DDS. Your responses to the array of questions they designed allow you to voice your perceptions of your symptoms and health concerns.  The symptoms are grouped in such a way to elicit foundational or root causes of what’s happening in your body rather than focus on individual symptoms.  The intent is to help balance your body’s chemistry through whole food nutritional support.  Only real, whole food nutrition provides the body with the needed raw materials to help balance body chemistry.  The data you provide through your answers will be tallied by a computer program and then translated into an understandable format. 

You will receive a report of findings that will provide you with a list and schedule of supplements that were selected based upon your responses to the questions.  The report also includes a list and explanation of body systems (i.e. liver, digestive, cardio, etc), listed in order of importance that need nutritional support to help balance your body’s chemistry and function.


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